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Did you know, that Germany won the International Logistics Ranking LPI (Logistics Performance Index by World Bank) for incredible three times in a row?

LPI analyzes and ranks logistics markets on trade dimensions like customs performance, timeliness of shipments, infrastructure and service quality as well as tracking and tracing. This autumn the newest LPI-Ranking will be published, and we hope Germany will defend its champion-status once again.

For our country it is an honor to call Germany one of the world’s TOP-Locations for Logistics, which is a sector that relies so much on precision, punctuality, planning skills and innovations.

Deutschland als weltweiter TOP-Standort für Logistik
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Logistics companies in Germany reach over 83 million people in our country. Moreover, thanks to European Union’s Single Market and very central location on the old continent, logistics companies in Germany can directly serve over 500 million EU citizens. Germany stands for political stability and legal certainty, which creates a lot of planning security for foreign customers, partners and investors.

Another impressive fact: Germany is a TOP-3 world leader in export - and excellent logistics is one of the reasons for it. Almost every location in Europe can be reached by plane in 3 hours from Germany, via the road network in 24 hours or by train in 30 hours. You can count on the same quality and reliability exporting to Germany, or collaborating with German logistics partners in Europe and beyond.



Germany is also a central logistics hub in Europe. The excellent transport infrastructure, the central location in Europe and the efficient, mutually complementary potential of all common modes of transport as well as the digital infrastructure are a locational advantage of Germany. Rail freight transport also has high sustainability potential.

Logistics is Germany's third largest economic sector with more than 3 million employees. Every year, more than 100 universities and technical colleges educate future experts in logistics in Germany. Moreover, with more than 13,500 vocational training courses per year, logistics is one of the most important areas of dual vocational training in Germany. This contributes to the fact that Germany is a leader in the development and implementation of new technologies in the logistics sector.

Technologien in der Logistikbranche
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While European logistics companies reached market volume of 1.115 billion € only in 2020, Germany alone accounted for 293 billion €, meaning 26% of the continents’ logistics market volume. This is another proof of the reliability and quality of logistics in Germany, despite of crises and other difficulties around the globe.

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